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Re: Dual head text console / X HOWTO sought

On Tue, Jul 01, 2003 at 11:59:53PM -0400, David Z Maze wrote:
> Pigeon <jah.pigeon@ukonline.co.uk> writes:
> > 1) Dual head text console. A keystroke combination switches the focus
> > of the keyboard from one monitor to the other; the usual Alt-F<n> then
> > switches between VTs on that monitor.
> >
> > 2) Dual head, text console and X. The PCI card is used for the text
> > console and the AGP card for X. The usual [Ctrl-]Alt-F<n> switches
> > focus between text VTs and X.
> I don't believe either of these are possible.  

Ug, how dead and chewed.

> If it was at all, it'd be built into the kernel.

It is, as long as the second card is an MDA or Hercules card... does
this feature qualify for Evolutionary Relic of the Week?

> > - Framebuffer dual head HOWTOs. I'm talking about real text modes, not
> >   framebuffer. One purpose of this setup is to experiment with
> >   programming the AGP card in text mode, using the PCI card at 100x36
> >   to provide the VTs from which to write/run the experimental code.
> For a small amount of money, you can probably find either a used
> computer or an actual serial terminal; this is good to log into the
> machine over either the network or a serial port to do this sort of
> thing.  

My room is like a bowl of stew; the surface looks boring but if you
poke about in it you find all sorts of bits and pieces. Yes, I could
stick the PCI card in another machine and ssh into the main machine
that has the AGP card; it wouldn't be quite what I want, but it would
do. I could still use the AGP card, slightly awkwardly, to display
output such as man pages while running a text editor on the screen
handled by the PCI card, and I could still use my accustomed
programming environment to experiment with the AGP card without
buggering up my programming screen. So, for the dual-text part, this
would just about do.

For the text/X part, I would need to do "half a job" of X
forwarding... the output goes to the AGP card; I don't use the mouse
in text mode, so that can stay plugged into the machine with the AGP
card; but the keyboard input needs to be forwarded from the machine
with the PCI card.

I suspect that "standard" X forwarding is not designed to handle such
a peculiar setup, so perhaps I would need to hack something together
myself, with netcat, perhaps.

Some useful suggestions, thanks.


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