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Re: local mirror based on APT source.list format?

read into the dpkg and apt-get (maybe even apt-* files). There must be a way with those...you can do almost anything like you describe once you figure em out :)


At 06:08 PM 7/4/2003 -0400, Daniel B. wrote:
For maintaining a local partial Debian mirror, is there any tool
that takes an APT-style sources.list file as the specification of
things to mirror?

And does it download packages _before_ you decide to install them
(as opposed to archiving packages after downloading them on demand)?

What I'd like to have it this:
- I specify what to mirror using a list of lines like in sources.list,
  allowing combinations such as:
  - woody
  - testing (sharing pool subdirectories/files with woody)
  - the Gnome2 backport to woody
- A cron job updates my local mirror.
- When I decide to install a package, APT installs from the local

Daniel Barclay

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