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Re: Very big files with tar

On Friday 04 July 2003 13:14, Joerg Johannes wrote:
> On Friday 04 July 2003 12:50, Raffaele Sandrini wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I'd like to do a backup to another partition using tar. Here are
> > about 9GB data to be saved. After a while tar complaints about a to
> > big output file (i think max size is around 2GB). Is there a way to
> > split the output in more files?
> tar cf - /path/to/data | split -b 1024m - outfile
> This will create 1GB big files called outfileaa, outfileab, outfileac,
> etc.
> To restore, you will have to do the following:
> cat outfile* | tar xf -
> Anyway, this is most likely not the way you want to make backups. Search
> around a bit in the archives, backup strategies are discussed fairly
> often. Maybe Karsten M. Self drops in and provides you a link to his
> backup strategy page...
I know :) Its only just a small thing wich i will delete soon. Ill try 
something with my system today and whant a copy fast and ready.

Thanks for ur help.


Raffaele Sandrini <rasa@gmx.ch>
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