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Re: HowTo for Gnome2??

I don't see exactly what the fuss is.  Fonts are fine for me - I do 
remember previous updates (maybe a month ago) in testing breaking them
momentarily, however, so this may not be a GNOME issue.  As for the rest
of the GNOME2 packages, they're just not here yet - deal with it.  I
backed up my sources.list, changed it to unstable, did an apt-get
update, apt-get install gnome-core, and then restored the old
sources.list.  Works fine.  Nautilus 2 is worlds faster than the
original, fonts are nice, everything is anti-aliased, blah, blah,
blah...  If you're absolutely opposed to any unstable packages, then I
guess you're screwed.  That's what you get for running testing.


On Thu, 3 Jul 2003 20:17:46 -0600
"John W. M. Stevens" <john@betelgeuse.us> wrote:

> Hello,
> I upgraded from stable to testing, in order to be able to start using
> Gnome2, only to find that there was no good way to get a complete,
> usable Gnome2 installation.
> Many things are broken, including:
> 1) Fonts.  They are really ugly, and it seems that the previous
>    defaults were just ignored.
> 2) The Gnome Settings Daemon was not installed, and it repeatedly
>    complains about that lack.  I can't find any package that indicates
>    that it might contain this semi-mythical daemon.
> 3) It seems impossible to figure out what will conflict with what,
>    without actually trying just about every combination.  Incompatible
>    packages are all stuffed into the gnome section, with no clue as
>    to what packages should be installed to get a reasonably complete
>    Gnome2 installation.  I seem to have installed, and uninstalled,
>    parts of both Gnome and Gnome2 several times now.
>    There was rumour of a gnome2 meta package.  It doesn't seem to
>    actually exist.  Perhaps it's only in experimental?
> 4) There SHOULD be a way to run both Gnome and Gnome2 on the same
>    machine, as the major number of the libraries is different, but
>    the packages seem to be configured in such a way as to insist
>    that these are incompatible.
>    Yes, this will eat up more memory (both library versions must
>    be resident at the same time), but if Gnome2 in testing simply
>    isn't yet complete, then I really have no choice.
> Is there any documentation on how, using testing, to get the most
> complete (applets, to, please!) Gnome2 installation possible?
> Please, no suggestion about "pinning" anything, as there doesn't
> seem to be any documentation or man pages about what that is, or
> how to do that, either.
> Thanks,
> John S.
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