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Re: Where does Mozilla get its list of printers?

* Kirk Strauser <kirk@strauser.com>, 2003-07-02 18:35 -0400:
> I use CUPS to print from my Sid system.  When I go to print from Mozilla, I
> get to choose from:
>   huffalump@:64
>   spooldir_tmp_Xprintjobs@:64
>   PostScript/default
> "huffalump" is the name of the laser printer on my FreeBSD box across the
> room, served via CUPS.  My /etc/printcap is pretty barren:

I'm running Firebird, CUPS, and xpp (on woody), which gives me the
printers CUPS provides to choose from. 

The setup is simple: File : Print : Properties : Print Command : xpp

> So, where is Mozilla finding huffalump?  What does the "@:64" suffix mean?
> And why can't I print to it?

No idea, maybe it takes the setup from an environment variable?


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