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Re: Problems with SCSI aic79xx driver in 2.4.21 kernel...., 'attempting to abort cmd xxxxx'

Walter Tautz <wtautz@math.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:

> problem occurs....Note I am trying to install on a SuperMicro
> system server, model 6013P8.. I basically compiled a
> version of the 2.4.21 kernel and then copied onto the
> linux.bin of the rescue floppy... this worked however
> once the system boots after the first phase of the
> install it starts giving messages like: 
> scsi0:0:2:0 Attempting abort of cmd xxxxxx (where xxxx
> is obvious some hex number)
> Command found on device queue....
> any thoughts on how to solve this?

The 6013P8 includes an Adaptec Ultra 320 scsi raid-controller.
You need the dpt_i2o driver to access it.

I usually use the "normal" woody boot media with bf2.4 and
use a preload-floppy for modules from
http://people.debian.org/~blade/install/preload/ during
the installation.

Eduard Bloch has done other boot media - including xfs- and

There is no safe distance.

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