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Re: Sound card recommendations?

On Tue, 2003-07-01 at 20:56, Kirk Strauser wrote:
> I'm building a little P5/200 box for my kids to play Reader Rabbit (which
> unfortunately runs only under Windows - Wine can't handle it) and am trying
> to decide whether to:
>   1) Buy a cheap sound card for it, or
>   2) Give them my old ENS1371 from my workstation and upgrade to something
>      newer.
> I use ALSA for sound.  I almost never game, so all I really need is
> something that can play back a PCM stream decently.  Now, my current card
> works reasonably well.  Is there anything that upgrading to a newer card
> would get me?  Better quality?  More simultaneous sounds at once?  Better
> ALSA support with nifty features I can only imagine?
> Any thoughts?  Recommendations?

I've always had good like with SB Live Value or OEM. They're reasonably
priced ($20-$30) and are very well supported by Linux. I use the
standard OSS drivers and I can play as many simultaneous sounds as I
want (I haven't really tried pushing it that far, but with my usage I've
never had a sound fail to play because the card was in use). The sound
quality is excellent as well. I've never tried alsa drivers though.


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