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command execution upon ssh

question that should be easy, but that i can't turn up with a little
man-page reading:

i want to ssh to a remote machine (firewall), and then immediately
upon success, ssh to another remote machine.  i don't want to put this
in my .login, because i don't want it to always happen -- i want to be
able to *just* ssh to the first box, too, or have the option of going
through to the 2nd.

it seems this should have to do with the '-n' option for ssh.  but
trying `ssh -n machine1 ssh machine2` gave me the error:

Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal.

so a little googling turned up the -t flag, and `ssh -t -n machine1
ssh machine2` seems to do the job.

however (here's the problem), i can't type in the resultant terminals.

how can i fix this?  it would be great to have this capability ...



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