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Re: Promise SATA150 TX2plus

In article <[🔎] 002001c34050$deccc930$6501a8c0@mustafa>,
Mustafa Al-Shawaf <alshawaf@uiuc.edu> wrote:
>I am interested in buying the Promise SATA150 TX2plus, but I would
>like to use it with Debian.  I was looking under there drivers
>section, and they have support for:
>TurboLinux 8.0
>SuSE 7.3/8.0
>Red Hat 7.3/8.0
>Mandrake 9.0
>I was wondering if it would be possible to use one of these packages
>for Debian.

You don't ever want to buy a product for which there are only
binary, distribution-specific drivers. For one, you won't be able
to ever upgrade your kernel anymore. And if there is a problem,
who says it will be fixed ?

Why not buy a cheap Silicon Image chipset-based card (QTEC, for
example - there are several others). Those are supported in the
standard Linux kernel. If you want RAID, Linux has built-in
software RAID that is likely as good if not better than the
IDE-RAID boards (they do RAID in software most likely anyway)


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