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Re: How to change a symlink without breaking anything (problems with g++)

Marc Wilson <msw@cox.net> writes:

> The C++ transition has endlessly been debated and beaten to death in
> a variety of public fora... if you don't know about it, you're
> living under a rock [...]

I have indeed lived under a rock, not participating nor reading any of
the Debian public fora up until now. Sorry for my ignorance on this

> and probably shouldn't be using anything other than stable.

You are probably right. I developed the bad habit of considering
"testing" as stable back at the later stages of when Woody was
"testing", and "stable" was more like "green with fungus".  ;-)

Anyway, thanks for informing me.

Thanks also to the other respondents, who pointed at dpkg-divert,
which was the kind of solution I was initially looking for. My problem
turned out in the end to be better solved by doing "apt-get remove
g++" followed with "apt-get install g++/stable", as indicated by

~# Morten

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