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package origins

Is there a way for me to set the "Origin" of packages I install (as supported by, say, "aptitude search '!~ODebian'")? Is this fully supported?

I'm running a Woody 3.0r1 system installed from CDs, since I have a very slow and expensive internet connection. I want to update some of my software to unstable, but build the packages from source to avoid dependancies (like a massive glibc upgrade). I'd like to be able to see which packages I've build locally - right now they look just like official Debian packages! I've tried making a local package repository, and specifying "Origin: Local" in the "Release" file, but that doesn't seem to work (aptitude still shows their origin as Debian).

What about if I make a change to the source and recompile? Can I reflect that meaningfully in the version information?

Stuart Zilm

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