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Re: Recommended hardware

On Tue, 2003-07-01 at 17:11, DGLUser wrote:
> Hi all, I need to buy a new computer, w/o monitor my budget is about $1000 usd, and I need to have a decent system. I cheked the ones being sold by Walmart online (microtel), but I didn't see any dvd/cd burner/drive capability. I wasn't sure either about their integrated sound/video memory, which has been a pain in the past for me at least.
> I would appreciate any recommendations or pointers. I would even buy parts and try to put them together (far from expert, but willing to try if I know that the parts will work with debian).
> Basically that's all.
> Thanks to all for any ideas forthcoming.
Hi Tony,
if you are buying things in person, 
bring along a knoppix cd. While it does not represent 100%
compatibility, it will be helpful. If it works with knoppix, you can be
more confident about buying it. (if you dont know what Knoppix is, its a
live boot cd based on debian--google for it)

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