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package madness upgrading stable pin

I have some questions about how to properly manage a mixed stable/unstable system - with some extra personel desires.

I just recently got my Woody 3.0r1 CDs in the mail. Yay! I installed the system, and then decided I wanted some newer versions of some of the software (fluxbox, gaim...). I want to keep as much of my system at "stable" as possible, because I'm on a very slow and expensive internet connection.

I've pinned my priorities, stable: 500, unstable: 50, testing: 50, and added an unstable deb and deb-src to my sources.list. Some packages (kernel-source-xxx) I'll grab from unstable without problems. Others have dependancy issues (usually a new, and very large, glibc) so I build them from source with "apt-get build-dep" and "apt-get source -b". This is all as per the Debian Reference, and works as advertised. I then install them with "dpkg -i".

Now, the questions:

Is there a way to somehow indicate that the origin of these packages differs from the other packages on my system? Using aptitude, my local kernel-image package appears in its own section "Obsolete and locally created packages". Other packages (gaim) appear exactly like the corresponding Debian release. I _think_ the right way to manage this would be to set the package "Origin" to "Local", but I haven't been able to do so. I tried to create a local package archive, and had the "Release" file indicate my desired origin - but this was not reflected within aptitude (I tried "aptitude search '!~ODebian'"). This would also be a nice way to install the packages, instead of dpkg. It would also be nice to have the origin of my kernel-image set to "Local".

What if I want to make changes to some of the source? I'd like to be able to fix bugs and recompile these packages, but don't want those packages to have the same version numbers.

Am I going about this entirely the wrong way? It wouldn't be the first time...

Thanks in advance to all you other happy Debain users!
Stuart Zilm

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