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Re: Re[2]: please help me to edit xconfig

> >Please read the README file for the nVidia driver. It states exactly
> >what modules to comment out from the above. If you used the Debian
> >packages for this driver, the README should be in
> >/usr/share/doc/nvidia-glx*.
> i have read it, and i have try to configure this file as same as the
> hardware that i have, based on the example on that readme and the
> example.

Didn't read it too closely, did you? To quote it...

> In the Module section, make sure you have:
>        Load   "glx"
> You should also remove the following lines:
>        Load  "dri"
>        Load  "GLcore

> i mean can u help me to edit the file, because when i edit the driver
> into"nvidia" and also the identifier my x server become crash.

Editing the file is no magic. Make the modifications listed in the
nVidia docs. If it doesn't work, come back. But please bring your
XFree86.0.log file with the error messages. Otherwise nobody will be
able to help you. And don't edit the logfile, that's useless ;-)

> >>oh ya, i almost forget, i have already add "(==)Using config file"
> >in the> var/log/XFree86.0.log
> >Sorry? Did you edit XFree86.log? That makes no sense. This file is
> >written for your information, and not read by anything (besides your
> >text editor...)
> but it stated in nvidia manual:
> Follow this procedure to work with your XF8Config file:
> 1 Verify the configuration file that XFree86 is using.
> To do so, you can locate a line beginning with "==) Using config
> file:" in your XFree86 log file (/var/log/XFree86.0.log).

"Verify" and "locate" are read-only tasks :-)

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