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Re: Help upgrading kernel without net access (was: Trying Again)

On Tuesday 01 July 2003 04:01 pm, Abrasive wrote:
> I've had some trouble posting to this group, so I'm trying again with a
> different mail client.

In the future, I suggest that you use a more descriptive Subject: in your 
queries for help.  Many list readers glance at the subject to see if the 
e-mail is something they are interested in reading or not.

> Here's my problem.  I don't know what I'm doing...  But about my other
> problems...
> I just installed a fresh copy of Debian 3.0r1, and in order for my hardware
> to work, I need
> to upgrade the kernel to a 2.4.x version.
> I'm new to Debian, and I don't understand the package system, or installing
> the kernel
> the 'Debian Way'

When people talk about installing a kernel the 'Debian Way,' they usually mean 
compiling your own kernel.  Debian has its own method for doing that.  If you 
are using an i386 compatible machine, there are precompiled kernels that will 
probably work just fine for you and be easier to start with.

> The computer I'm using does not have Internet access yet either.  I can't
> get the NIC to
> work.  Although I've been told that the newer kernel supports that card.
> SO, which files do I need to download(kernel image, package, etc) that I
> can put on a CD
> and copy to the Debian machine.  

Note: directions follow on where to get the 2.4 kernel image, but, it may 
already be on your installation cd.  Check there first.

Assuming you are using an x86 machine, go to 
http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages and search for kernel-image-2.4.18-1.  
From the search results, choose the kernel iamge that corresponds to your 
processor if you know it (386, 586tsc, 686, k6, or k7), or 
kernel-image-2.4.18-1-386 if you don't know your processor type.  On the 
information page for that package, it will tell you that this kernel image 
depends on initrd-tools (>= 0.1.21), fileutils (>= 4.0), and modutils (>= 
2.3.12).  There is also a "Go To Download Page" button.  Go there to download 
the kernel image.  If you need any of the three dependencies, you can follow 
the links to their package information pages, and download the .deb file from 

> And then what do I do with those files?

Now it is time to use dpkg.  Mount the cd.  Change to the directory which 
contains the .deb(s).  Then do (as root)

dpkg --install *.deb

This will probably give you a warning about adding a line to your lilo.conf 
for the initrd.  Add it in the image-/vmlinuz section like this:


And, run lilo.

> Thanks for the help on my previous questions, and thanks for the help with
> this one...

You're welcome.  I hope that this helps.

Josh Metzler

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