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Zero Footprint hardware question

I tried to post this a couple of days ago but I don't think it made it......

Does anyone have experience running (or trying to run) debian on the Elite-4 Zero Footprint PC? I've searched via google, but the only references I can find to it and linux are a bunch of C64 guys commenting on how it looks like a Commodore64. One of them says its good with linux, but its just a 1 sentence comment not backed up by anything, and plus they're talking about an old version with a celeron 733 CPU. I really like this design of it, but if it doesn't run debian then forget it. I could live without the USB, but video, sound, the CDR-burner and the built-in network are must haves.

The company's stupid website doesn't mention linux compatability, but here is the actual machine:


I'm looking at the ZPC-4023 P4 2.4ghz


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