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Re: Odd Firebird Issue

* James Lademann <J.W.Lademann@ex.ac.uk>, 2003-07-01 18:09 -0400:
> Hi there,
> I recently installed Debian then upgraded to unstable and I'm working on
> setting things how I like it and installing all my favourite programs,
> but I've hit a snag with Mozilla-Firebird.  I installed it and at first
> everything seemed fine and I installed a few of the extensions that
> looked interesting and then all of a sudden it stopped working.  I tried
> for a while, figured something went wrong with an extension and removed
> Firebird and all its associated files and installed again but I still
> can't get it to work.  Mozilla, Mozilla-snapshot and Galeon all work
> fine but Firebird refuses to run.  Anyone have any ideas?  I'm using

Hi James

I use Firebird on woody, so maybe there's another catch with
unstable I'm not aware of. But let's try anyway. 

First of all, move the preferences out of the way (mv ~/.phoenix

Then I recommend you download the nightly build 2003-05-25; it's been
rock-solid for me and others, IMHO it's better than Release 0.6.
Right now I'm using 2003-06-30, which might prove as good. 

Start MozillaFirebird in an xterm, giving the full path to the
application, and see what happens. 


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