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Kernel Build Methodology

Hi all,

I've read through chapter 7 in the Debian Reference and man make-kpkg,
but I'm not sure I'm completely clear on the "Debian standard method"
to build the kernel. I built my first custom kernel the way it's
described, no problem. I used

--append_to_version -486 --revision=rev.01

Now, I wanted to do some minor changes to this kernel and replace
it. I thought it would be appropriate to just increment the
revision. So I did

--append_to_version -486 --revision=rev.02

I've also built alsa-modules, so that got rebuilt as well. Now I tried
to dpkg -r both the old kernel and alsa-modules package, but
alsa-modules would not be removed while running Gnome, so I logeed out
and logged in to a failsafe xterm, removed kernel and alsa packages,
installed to new packages and reran LILO.

This worked, but I'm wondering if this is the intended method, or if
there is a cleaner way?

Johan Parin <Johan.Parin@abc.se>

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