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Re: Automount

JZidar wrote:
> Is there an app or trick that would enable to just pop a cd or floppy in the
> drive and use it without the need for mount and unmount every time? Can be
> this built-in in the kernel?

There is an automount but there not not any auto'un'mount of which I
am aware.  Which means you can put removable media in and it will
automatically mount.  But then how do you eject the media?  You would
need to wait for the mount to time out.  Very inconvenient.  Much more
so than just mounting and unmounting as needed.

> Basically this would an aoutmounter of some kind.

  apt-get install autofs

  editor /etc/auto.master /etc/auto.misc

  ls /var/autofs/misc/cd
  ls /var/autofs/misc/floppy


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