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Re: removing a package from apt-get?

> I'm assuming that the packages that you tried to install with dpkg are the
> gnokii packages.


> It appears that they were compiled for unstable or
> testing, and you are using stable (I can tell because of the libc6
> dependancy).

Well, more correctly: I ran apt.get on the wrong system.

> If you were running unstable (and apt knew about packages that could
> satisfy the dependancies) then the proper solution would be to let apt-get
> figure out what needed to be done with the command `apt-get -f install'
> that apt has suggested. You don't need to put a package name at the end of
> that command line.

That part i know about (since i run a unstable/testing hybrid as well) but i
have never seen that snag before.

What i ended up doing was editing /var/lib/dpkg/status and changing it from
"unpacked" to "purged" which seemed to work nicely.

Thanks for your help.

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