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Re: make-kpkg: permission denied making modules_image

On Mon, 30 Jun 2003 22:17:58 +0200, martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> said: 

> also sprach David Z Maze <dmaze@debian.org> [2003.06.30.2141 +0200]:
>> >   cp: cannot create regular file
>> >   `/usr/src/modules/nvidia/debian/control': Permission denied
>> Right: with the default setup, the user who runs make-kpkg needs
>> write access to /usr/src/modules, or you need to run under sudo.

> what??? this must be a joke? /usr can be mounted read-only!

>> Try, for example:
>> [...]  export MODULE_LOC=$HOME/src/modules [...]  Setting the
>> MODULE_LOC environment variable will tell make-kpkg to look
>> somewhere besides /usr/src/modules for kernel modules.

> I'd prefer not to have to do this. I know it's an option. Else the
> danger exists that I get stray module trees, or that the module tree
> might not be in sync...

	So standardize on a location for your site.

> How are other people doing it?

	I have /usr/local/src/kernel/modules

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