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Re: Jerky Screen Saver

Mike Dresser wrote:

On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, debian_newbie wrote:

Sorry for taking so long to respond.

Yes, Euphoria also does the same thing. Except it is even worse. Euphoria has an
18 second delay between jerks (movements). I also noticed that I have a lot of
screensaver names listed but they don't work. So now I'm thinking that I'm
missing some package.

Check whether you have hardware openGL support working.

On my bog slow card(geforce4 mx440), these run smoothly at 1280x1024.
Even at full resolution of 2560x1024 the solarwinds screensaver still runs
smoothly, although some of the other ones are starting to get slow.


Thanks Mike for your reply. But, I'm such a greenie that I don't know how to tell if OpenGL is working or not. I do know that when I run glxgears, I only get about 66 - 80 fps. Could you please show me how to tell if OpenGL is working, and if not, how to get it working?


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