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RE: Backup XP box to Debian system

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If you have a spare box that you wish to install debian on you can use the
sourceforge project G4u (there is a .deb package in stable and it is GPL)

This will allow you to image your hard drive and save the image to the
debian box. One thing you will probably need is to add LFS (large file
support) as I suspect that even with a base installation of XP the data on
the disc will be over 2Gb.

We have been using G4U in a production Windows environment for a while now
and it rocks.


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	On Sat, Jun 28, 2003 at 09:15:08PM -0400, Carl Fink wrote:
	> Question:  I have a Windows-based laptop. (I need to run Windows
	> software for business, no harassment please.)  I would like to
	> it up, before converting it to dual boot Debian/XP.
	> Can anyone recommend a backup package from the Debian (Testing)
	> archive that can back up an XP-based system, with provision for a
	> full recovery?

	I use samba to serve all of the "My Documents" folders to my WinXP
	That way all my data is always on my Debian box and can be backed up
	using standard *nix backup programs.  As for all the other stuff on
	WinXP, it's been my experience that windows boxes need to be totally
	reinstalled from scratch every 12 months in order to remove all the
	that somehow gets left on the hard drive (spyware, virus artifacts,
	programs that didn't fully uninstall).

	- Ryan

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