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Re: [Urgent] Samba problem

Sorry, my dumb AOL which I hate so much didn't attach the previous message.

Can you show us your smb.conf?

Previous message from axanet@ms32.hinet.net follows: *****************
Hello list :

i got a odd problem about samba.

i have a share folder named "[webdata]" for LDAP authentic user access ONLY.

However, My windows 2000/XP client can read [webdata] through Netneighbor.

when i upload a text file named "ipsec.txt" to [webdata] , My windows2000/XP

alert me "Can not copy ipsec.txt  The specified network name is no longer available"

i have tried to find out the solution for this error message......but NOW i dont have any

idea to solve it.....Please help me

Daniel Strommen

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