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Sid IMAP & PHP4, TWIG: cannot login


Since I upgraded to sid (unstable) 10 days ago, I cannot log into TWIG
any more. But I believe it is not TWIG that's at fault, because after
installing aeromail I got exactly the same problem and message.

Here are the versions:

| Status=Not/Installed/Config-files/Unpacked/Failed-config/Half-installed
|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Name           Version        Description
ii  php4           4.2.3-14       A server-side, HTML-embedded scripting langu
ii  php4-imap      4.2.3-14       IMAP module for php4
ii  twig           2.7.7-2        The Web Information Gateway
ii  uw-imapd       2002ddebian1-1 remote mail folder access server

TWIG keeps saying "Login failed - Probably a misspelled username or
password, please try again".

Looking at the IMAP log file, /var/log/mail.info, I see

 Jun 24 11:08:20 t88 imapd[11155]: Command stream end of file, 
   while reading line user=??? host=UNKNOWN

UW-imapd runs on the same machine as the web server.

Fragments of /etc/twig/config.inc/php3 included.

Any advice - or hints - welcome!



  $config["auth"]   = "forms";  
// Authorization Type (basic|forms)
 $config["auth_timeout"]  = 3600;   
// Set the auth cookie timeout value, in seconds. Set to 0 for session length cookies 
 $config["auth_logout_redirect"] = "";   
// Complete URL to redirect browsers to after they have been logged out
  $config["auth_provider"] = "imap-new";  
// Authorization Method (imap-new|imap|sqltable|mysql|pgsql|ldap|sqlimap|sqlopen|
// nntp|ibase|imap-limit|oracle|pop3)

 $config["security"]  = "basic";  
// Type of security to use (basic|advanced)

// IMAP Mail Server Settings
 $config["imap_servertype"] = "php-imap";  
// Mail system to use (defaults to php-imap) (php-imap|php-pop3)
 $config["imap_server"]  = "localhost";  
// IMAP Server Host (defaults to localhost)
 $config["imap_port"]  = "143";  
// IMAP Server Port (defaults to 143)
 $config["imap_path"]  = "mail/";  
// IMAP Mail Path (defaults to home dir)
// Set to "INBOX." for Cyrus and Courier IMAP servers.
 $config["mail_folder_delimiter"]= "/";   
// Character that divides heirarchical levels of folder names 
// ("/" for UofW IMAP, "." for Cyrus and Courier)

  $config["mail_sender"]  = "relay";  
// How to we deal with outgoing mail? (internal/relay/imap-mail)
 $config["smtp_server"]  = "localhost";  
// SMTP Relay server to send mail through
 $config["smtp_port"]  = "25";   
// SMTP Relay server port to send mail through
 $config["smtp_clientip"] = 0;   
// Add "X-Client-IP: <ip address of web browser>" to SMTP headers.  (0|1)

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