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Re: Identifying spamhosts

Kjetil Kjernsmo wrote:


I'm trying to put together a web data base to allow people identify which machines are the primary routes of spam into our Inboxes.

That's a rather big project.... If you're trying to put something together
to aid people in filtering stuff, only doing this is not going to make
much of a difference.

Thanks but its for studying the patterns of spammmers. Do they really live off open relays? Or are they mainly dial-up users using spamware? Or people in the Far East who think spamming is what the Internet is for?

I get 200 pieces a day now, many from Korea but US based spammers are picking up numbers again.

As an answer to your question, I think http://spamhaus.org/
is a good start.

However, to do filtering, I suggest you look at SpamAssassin. It's good.
But, you have to keep it up-to-date, it's an arms race. Adrian Bunk does a

Have a look at my local.cf - it gives an idea of why I need to understand more about how I've been targetted.


really good job with his packages, have a look at http://www.fs.tum.de/~bunk/packages/




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Patrick Kirk
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