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Re: Backup XP box to Debian system

On Saturday 28 June 2003 8:15 pm, Carl Fink wrote:
> Question:  I have a Windows-based laptop. (I need to run Windows
> software for business, no harassment please.)  I would like to back
> it up, before converting it to dual boot Debian/XP.
> Can anyone recommend a backup package from the Debian (Testing)
> archive that can back up an XP-based system, with provision for a
> full recovery?

Partimage can do that... the only problem is that support for NTFS (the file 
system WinXP most likely uses) is experimental. You should be OK if your 
WinXP partitions are in VFAT (FAT32).

I have the same issue you have. I have WinXP and debian in my laptop. I use 
drive image (Power Quest) to make backups of my WinXP NTFS partitions... 
although it has been a while, and I seem to remember that Drive Image 2002 
does not support ext3, so there were some error messages (not good when you 
are makin backups).

What I did was to put all my data in Fat32 partitions, that can be written to 
w/o any problem from linux, and can be backed up with partimage. Then all my 
WinXP executables are un a NTFS partition... if that one dies I just 
reinstall the whole thing, no big deal... al my data is on different 

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