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Re: I have a problem with this list

Paul E Condon declaimed:
> I think that it used to be that when I posted to this
> list, my message would be returned to me from the server at 
> the time that it was sent out to everyone else on the list.
> Now that is not happening. Now, when I post, I see nothing
> on the list, but my message is showing up in the archives.
> Which is the correct behavior of the list?
> I would like to see my message show up. The message in my
> inbox is a nice anchor for collecting replies. But if policy
> is to not echo the message, what is recommended as a way to
> collect in one place the replies to a request for advice?
> Sorry for the several test messages. I had a question about
> exim that I posted, and from my vantage point, it never 
> showed up on the list (and I never got replies). I thought
> maybe I had messed up my email config while poking at the
> exim issue. Now I know that I'm simply not getting an echo
> of my message, but why?

You should be getting your message, if it doesn't show up it could be an
issue with your email program. I notice that there's a long delay before
I see my posts, but I do see them.


Paul Mackinney

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