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Re: long delays switching from consoles to x with nvidia

On Mon, Jun 23, 2003 at 11:22:05PM -0400, Matt Price wrote:
> Hi,
> my gazillionth post this week...
> Now that I have a second debian system at home (yay!), I notice a
> problem at the work machine.  At work I have an NVidia GeForce
> something/or/other video card, and use the nonfree nvidia drivers to
> run it.  When I switch form console to X, it takes about 30/45 seconds
> for X to come up (this is for an already-running X session).  Now at 
> ome that doesn't happen, even though my home computer is zillions of
> time slower.  

Are you using the non-Free drivers at home, too?  Maybe you should just
ask nvidia for a bug fix ;-)

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