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Re: I have a problem with this list

On (26/06/03 14:22), Paul E Condon wrote:
> I think that it used to be that when I posted to this
> list, my message would be returned to me from the server at 
> the time that it was sent out to everyone else on the list.
> Now that is not happening. Now, when I post, I see nothing
> on the list, but my message is showing up in the archives.
> Which is the correct behavior of the list?
> I would like to see my message show up. The message in my
> inbox is a nice anchor for collecting replies. But if policy
> is to not echo the message, what is recommended as a way to
> collect in one place the replies to a request for advice?
> Sorry for the several test messages. I had a question about
> exim that I posted, and from my vantage point, it never 
> showed up on the list (and I never got replies). I thought
> maybe I had messed up my email config while poking at the
> exim issue. Now I know that I'm simply not getting an echo
> of my message, but why?
It sounds as though you've been unsubscribed or else list messages are
being filtered off somewhere.  You could try resubscribing if you are
sure that you haven't got filtering implemented.



What is strange is that in using "reply to all" to make sure you get
this, your address wasn't cc'd - odd?

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