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Re: Tab-Completion in gnuplot

> > Yes, the built in readline of gnuplot is bad. However, libreadline
> > cannot be used instead because it is licensed under the GPL,
> > whereas gnuplot has special licenses (patches only). Linking those
> > programs together is forbidden by the GPL. Please don't file bugs
> > telling me to use libreadline in gnuplot...

Oh, yes, sometimes it IS worth reading the Readme's ... sorry.

> For this reason I generally build gnuplot from source and add the
> necessary config stuff to link to libreadline. Steps, roughly, are:
> apt-get install libreadline4
> apt-get install libreadline4-dev
> cd /usr/local/src
> apt-get source gnuplot
> cd gnuplot-3.7.3/debian
> # Edit the file named "rules" and change
>   --without-gnu-readline
>         TO
>   --with-readline=gnu
> cd ..
> dpkg-buildpackage
> cd ..
> dpkg -i gnuplot*3.7.3-1*.deb

Great, that worked for me, too

> Then I go into dselect and put a hold on gnuplot so it doesn't get
> upgraded automatically during an "apt-get dist-upgrade".

Urghh, I hate dselect. It just scares me. However, I'll keep track of it 
and reinstall my own .deb when upgrade wants to touch it.



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