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Re: can anyone reccomend ?

Vineet Kumar wrote:

I can recommend you start using meaningful subject lines!

This is at least the third question you've posted with a Subject of
"can anyone recommend ?"  I didn't read your message, but I saw
the word font in it before I deleted it.  Even that one word "font"
would have made a better Subject.  If you're asking for recommendations,
you should post messages with subjects like

ogg player recommendations?
font server recommendations?
pdf viewer recommendations?

...something that gives an inkling as to what you're asking about.  It's
really mystifying why you would ask for "an app to ?" instead of writing
one or two more words to bring your Subject:'s S/N ratio above 0.

good times,

....hold on a minute ... just putting out the flames .... ah the smell of BBQd dave ! I take your point, look out for my re-posting ... "fonts, anyone reccomend an doc ?"

Dave ....
(who said flamed?)

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