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Re: Easy firewall advice

If you can navigate through an editor, I've had excellent luck with
gShield, http://muse.linuxmafia.net (and with a domain like linuxmafia,
how can you go wrong? :)

In any case, rather than a gui like firestarter or fwbuilder, you edit a
config file once and run it every time you boot and basically forget
about it. I've even been able to do windows gaming from behind it and
the next release is supposed to handle multiple gateways.

On Thu, 2003-06-19 at 19:06, Joel Konkle-Parker wrote:
> I have a stock Woody system with Gnome 1.4 running, connected to the 
> 'net via a 802.11b connection. I want to put a simple firewall on there, 
> just to keep things locked down a little more than they are now.
> Is there anything real simple, user-friendly, configure-and-forget 
> available for Woody? I'm used to ZoneAlarm for Windows, so that gives 
> somewhat of an idea of how much I know about firewalls.
> Thanks in advance.
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