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xv video output is no good

All I get when I try to use xv output is a blue screen (I have tried the same
file in mplayer, xine, and ogle).  XFree86 loads the xv extension on boot,
all the different utils say that its there and that it is supported, but I
always get the blue screen.

I have been able to solve the problem (somewhat) by playing the files in
mplayerusing direct graphics access to get good performance.  The problem is
that I
have some media files from school (some courses are given by a professor that
is taped and then streamed on the net, which can also be downloaded as a single
file later on) that I need to be able to watch with good performance (i.e.,
not too jerky or too many frame drops) and still be able work on the computer.
That way I can take notes/whatever, which is impossible if I take over the
wholedisplay with DGA.
Can someone point me in the right direction on this?

-Roberto Sanchez

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