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Ring Pateren based Dial in Server

Ring pattern based Dial in Server

I want to add dial in to my home Linux server, I only have one phone line and an answering machine that picks up on the 4th ring. Can I set my Debian laptop to dial up in a pattern lets "say ring, hungup ring ring hangup, ring ring ring" then have my server say eureka thats for me then answer be for the answering machine?

I have built dial in servers for office environments in the past with a with pppd and adding lines like "S2:2345:respawn:/sbin/mgetty ttyS2 -D /dev/ttyS2" to my inittab, But I have not found any solutions to adapt this setup for my home use.

The server is running woody stable and the 2.4.19 kernel the laptop is running sarge with kernel 2.5.69

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