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Re: Does PCMCIA require ISA?

Quoting Patrick Wiseman <pwiseman@mindspring.com>:
> I've been messing around with my kernel, and compiled without ISA support,
> since I'm on a PCI machine.  On rebooting, PCMCIA gave a ResourceIRQ
> conflict.  When I recompiled the kernel with ISA support, PCMCIA
> recognised my card as always.
> It turns out my "discovery" is mentioned in the HOWTO, which says:
> "In some cases, kernel misconfiguration can also produce an apparent
> interrupt shortage. On later 2.4 and 2.5 kernels, if CONFIG_ISA is not
> enabled, then the PCMCIA drivers will assume no ISA bus interrupts are
> available."
> Seems to me that the "misconfiguration" is in the PCMCIA drivers'
> "assumption" that no interrupts are available, but so long as it's working
> again.
> Patrick

Depends on how the bridge to PCMCIA is implemented.  On my laptop
(no apparent ISA bus), PCMCIA is implemented with a Intel i82365
ISA-to-PCMCIA bridge.  Check /var/log/kern.log for similar message on


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