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Re: fatal error on RH partition

on Wed, 18 Jun 2003 12:12:39AM +0200, Roberto Sanchez insinuated:
> If you boot into Debian and mount your RH partition on /mnt, then
> you need to run 'chroot /mnt lilo -b /dev/hda5' (no need to specify
> an odd location for the config file).
> That way, the system will temporarily pretend that /mnt is actually
> /

right, that makes sense.

i get an error about booting though:

spycellar:~# chroot /mnt lilo -b /dev/hda5
Ignoring entry 'boot'
Fatal: open /boot/boot.b: No such file or directory

this seems to be related to my earlier problem, though i'm not sure
what to do about it ...



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