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Re: Audio CD questions

On Wed, Jun 18, 2003 at 01:46:40AM +0200, Roberto Sanchez wrote:
> 1) I would like a GUI-type tool to facilitate putting the audio on my harddrive

  apt-cache search rip cd 

gives you a few to choose from.

> and 2) I can't figure out how to tell cdda2wav to make each track into a
> separate file when I try to grab the entire disc.

There's a recipe given in the man pages for this, but not in man
cdda2wav - it's in man cdrecord... You need the -B option, eg:

  cdda2wav -v255 -D2,0 -B -Owav

(adjust -D option to suit your system... cdrecord -scanbus to find
what you need)

> Could someone point me in the right direction here?  Also, what does everyone
> recommed for a preferred storage format (wav, mp3, ogg)?

If you care about quality, wav. 

If you also care about storage space, compress it with flac
(free *lossless* audio codec). 

If you care about storage space more than quality, ogg.

If you care about storage space more than quality and you want to
share your audio files with Windoze lusers, mp3.

Ogg and mp3 are *lossy* compression formats, which means they throw
away data to help compress the file and therefore produce artefacts on
the output (cf. the fuzzy border around sharp edges in jpeg images).
Ogg produces higher quality than mp3, is faster, and is free.


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