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Re: Sorry, slightly OT: WLAN

On Mon, Jun 16, 2003 at 09:27:34AM -0500, Jeffrey L. Taylor wrote:
> Quoting Benjamin Swatek <bennosdebian@gmx.net>:
> > Sorry, but nether googeling nor the wlan-howto enlighted me completely
> > and I know that this is not so debian specific, but:
> > For a home-wlan, do I realy need an accesspoint? 
> > I mean one of these nice little boxes which aren't more than this or can
> > I use some linux-box set up as a router which I connect to the internet
> > as an accesspoint via a wlan-pci-card? Does it need to be a special
> > wlan-card?
> > Or is it better to buy some wlan-hardwarerouter ?
> > 
> The only reason for buying a WLAN access point, IMHO, if you run Linux
> is that you like to fiddle with the box in question and if you mess up
> the WLAN access to the Internet, you are going to get flamed by the
> household.  If you have a stable box to use as the access point, don't
> bother with the hardware one.
> I bought a broadband firewall/router because I kept needing to fiddle
> with the Linux box and breaking the Internet connectivity for the
> whole house.  It takes up less space and air conditioning than a
> Linux box.  It's less capable, but it is always up.

While I agree with the above, it should be pointed out that it's a
*lot* easier to relocate a hardware AP for better coverage than a
desktop machine, so if your router box is located in a bad location,
you may want to buy a harware AP for the additional flexability.


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