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Re: Sorry, slightly OT: WLAN

Quoting Benjamin Swatek <bennosdebian@gmx.net>:
> Sorry, but nether googeling nor the wlan-howto enlighted me completely
> and I know that this is not so debian specific, but:
> For a home-wlan, do I realy need an accesspoint? 
> I mean one of these nice little boxes which aren't more than this or can
> I use some linux-box set up as a router which I connect to the internet
> as an accesspoint via a wlan-pci-card? Does it need to be a special
> wlan-card?
> Or is it better to buy some wlan-hardwarerouter ?

The only reason for buying a WLAN access point, IMHO, if you run Linux
is that you like to fiddle with the box in question and if you mess up
the WLAN access to the Internet, you are going to get flamed by the
household.  If you have a stable box to use as the access point, don't
bother with the hardware one.

I bought a broadband firewall/router because I kept needing to fiddle
with the Linux box and breaking the Internet connectivity for the
whole house.  It takes up less space and air conditioning than a
Linux box.  It's less capable, but it is always up.


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