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Re: fatal error on RH partition

 --- Nori Heikkinen <nori@sccs.swarthmore.edu> escribió: 
> hey all,
> in trying to partition this machine up and install various OSes on it,
> i've managed to screw up a lot.  there's a redhat install on a
> different partition, and though i can mount it, i can't boot into it.
> more specifically, if i add a stanza (really basic, like below) to my
> /etc/lilo.conf and run lilo, i get the following error:
> Fatal: First sector of /dev/hda5 doesn't have a valid boot signature
> the stanza i add to /etc/lilo.conf looks like this:
> other=/dev/hda5
>   label="RedHat(hda5)"
> pretty basic.
> should i be asking this to a RH list?  it seems like a pretty standard
> question, i just don't know what i did ...
> thanks!
> </nori>


Boot RH with a boot floppy (you made during install, right?) or the install
CD (in rescue mode).  Then run (as root) 'lilo -b /dev/hda5'.  This will
another copy of lilo at the begining of /dev/hda5, as opposed to /dev/hda (on
the MBR).  Once you do that, your current lilo.conf should work just fine
becuase it will pass control to the lilo from your RH install in /dev/hda5.

Alternatively, you could creat a separate /boot partition and keep all your
kernels (Debian and RH) there and basically have one lilo install to track them
all.  Then, rather than 


you have


For example, say you have lilo installed from within Debian.  Whenever you
add a new kernel from within Debian, you edit /etc/lilo.conf and then run
lilo as root.  If you are in RH and add a new kernel, you mount your Debian
root filesystem, say into /mnt/debian, edit /mnt/debian/etc/lilo.conf and
then run 'chroot /mnt/debian lilo' as root.  Viola, you are ready to go.

-Roberto Sanchez

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