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Problem setting up Samba

I've installed Woody 3.0 on my backup machine. I have it networked to my main box which also has 3.0 on it. A third machine (win95) is also connected to the main box and I access it through Samba. Samba on the big box works fine. But since installing on the backup machine I can't get it to access swat. I use konqueror and enter http://localhost:901 but it give an error of service 901 unavailable. Now I did http://localhost:631 and got cups setup to come up. And I've used linuxconf to setup the nic in that machine and I can ping the main box fine so the network itself is fine but I can't initialize swat to setup samba. I can't think of anything else different. Except maybe that this time I installed Komba2. Now in Komba2 in the backup machine I can see my shares on the big box. And on the big box (using Linneighborhood) I can see the Komba info (Though no shares are set up yet). I'm wondering if this could be blocking localhost:901? Any other ideas? Oh and the backup machine is a win95 dual boot and the win95 on that box also accesses the big box fine. It's strictly a Samba issue (or more specifically, swat)

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