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RE: How can I killing a SMB mount

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Your question is slightly unclear - if you are referring to the server then
edit the smb.conf file (use locate or find to find the actual location on
your server) and remove the smb share then stop and restart the smbd (and
the nmbd). If you are referring to a windoze client simply right click the
drive in explorer and select 'disconnect'. Or during boot-up select 'do not
reconnect this connection in future'.

Hope this answers your question - if not elucidate further


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	From:	Jake Johnson [SMTP:jake@plutoid.com]
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	Subject:	How can I killing a SMB mount

	How can I kill a mounted samba share that has been removed.   I get
	problem a lot since I am always rebooting the windows machines and I
	unmount the smbfs.  Any suggestions?
	Jake Johnson

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