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Re: How can I killing a SMB mount

On Monday 16 June 2003 16:04, Jake Johnson wrote:
> How can I kill a mounted samba share that has been removed.   I get
> this problem a lot since I am always rebooting the windows machines
> and I can't unmount the smbfs.  Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Jake Johnson
> http://www.plutoid.com

Hi Jake

What exactly is the problem? Three possibilities:
1.) You have a samba server running on your debian box, and the windows 
clients die? No problem -> nothing should have to be done on the server 
2.) The windows machines do not die at all, but you reboot them anyway? 
-> Umount the shares before you reboot them.
3.) You have a Debian workstation which uses directories exported from a 
Windows machine? This is a bad idea anyway. Don't run windows as a 
server, it only causes trouble.


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