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Re: How can I killing a SMB mount

On Mon, 16 Jun 2003, Jake Johnson wrote:

> How can I kill a mounted samba share that has been removed.   I get this
> problem a lot since I am always rebooting the windows machines and I can't
> unmount the smbfs.  Any suggestions?

== stop rebooting the windoze machine and the problem will go away

-- or --

the server should NEVER mount something that is rebootable ...
the server NEVER mounts the clients ..   

and the windoze box mounts the server ...
than you can reboot your windoze box as often as you like and
nobody will notice anything 

just my dumb rules to prevent problems for the rest of the people 
that expect to be able to do teir magic even if tom/dick/harry's pc
is constantly rebooted for whatever reason

turn on the windoze box ... and let the linux box find it again
and have it umount  properly  ( linux side .. umount /mnt/winNT )

- or -
linux#  fuser -muv /mnt/WinNT
linux#  kill -9 "everyhting that is listed"

c ya

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