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cannot clean filesystem

Hi, I've run into a completely unusual situation.  I have
a system on which I started getting complaints during nightly
backups regarding the / partition.  There is also a /usr partition
and I've now noticed that both report "not clean" for "filesystem
state:" with a 'tune2fs -l <devicename>'.  Also using 'tune2fs' to
set each partition to its maximum mount count, I have rebooted the
system and forced fsck to be run on both partitions (actually I've
repeated this at least once on the / partition alone).  The fsck
runs fine with no fixes or complaints for both partitions.  Yet
they continue to report "not clean" with a tune2fs listing and I
still get backup errors complaining of a "dirty" file system
in my backups.  What might be going on here?  Thanks!

Paul Yeatman       (858) 534-9896        pyeatman@ucsd.edu
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