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Re: Beginers guide to spamassain ?

On Mon, Jun 09, 2003 at 12:28:17AM +0200, Marino Fernandez wrote:
> By the way, speaking of Spam....
> The first time I sent you a reply, I sent it directly  to you (I forgot to 
> answer to the list) and you bounced it; it came with this notice:
>               ===== BLOCKED EMAIL NOTICE =====
> Your email, which is attached below, was blocked by my email filter
> for one or more of these reasons:
>   * Your email came from or via a site whose email servers
>     (computers which process email) allow "relaying" or are
>     insecure in some other way, allowing senders of unsolicited
>     bulk email (usually called spam) to use these servers to hide
>     who they are and bypass filtering.
>   * Your email had headers or body text which my filter thought
>     might indicate it is spam.
>   * Your email came from or via a site on the spam filter's list
>     of internet sites which allow users to spam, or which do not
>     take effective action against users which do so.
> If you are a bulk mailer, advertiser (commercial or political), or
> are sending any kind of "free offer", please remove this address
> from your mailing list and do not email me again.
> If you are not an advertiser or bulk mailer, you can resend your
> mail and get past the filters by including the password listed
> below on the Subject: line of your message. It can appear anywhere
> on the Subject: line -- it doesn't have to be first, last, or the
> only thing on that line.
> An easy way to do this is to forward this bounced message back to
> me and either change the Subject: line to the password, or add it
> to the beginning or end of the Subject: line -- whatever is easier.
> That way, I will get your email and be able to add your email
> address to my NOBOUNCE list, which means email from you will not
> bounce again. :)
> Thank you!
> I LIKE IT!!!.... but does it work?... 
> I mean, you are telling the spamers that you are there and that your email 
> address is good... and also that they need to change their messages so the 
> next time your filters do not catch them...

That's apmbouncer in the noisy mode.

It works good. I've never had a _real_ spammer actually _read_ the message,
and send spam _with password_, in over 5 years of using it. Mostly if it's
_real_ spam, the reply bounces.

"They that would give up essential liberty for temporary safety deserve
neither liberty nor safety."
						-- Benjamin Franklin

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