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Suddenly, spell checking is gone from evo 1.2.4


Now, after a forced power-down (the electricity went out and since
my monitor isn't plugged into the UPS, I had no choice but hit 
the big red switch when the battery got low), as the subject says,
spell checking doesn't work anymore.

I.e., in Tools->Settings->Composer Preferences->Spell Checking,
no languages are listed

Before the reboot, spell check worked fine.

Here's my list of relevant packages:
ii  evolution                1.2.4-1.1  
ii  gnome-spell              1.0.4-1
ii  libaspell15              0.50.3-12 
ii  aspell                   0.50.3-12
ii  aspell-bin               0.50.3-12
ii  aspell-en                0.51-0-3

Has anyone else heard of this?

Also, isn't there a utility that lists all of the libraries called
by a program?

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