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Re: Local copy of mails in IMAP folder?

On Tuesday 03 June 2003 16:03, Joao Pedro Clemente wrote:
> > > Joerg Johannes wrote:
> > > > I use kmail/IMAP protocol to read mails for one of my accounts.
> > > > Today I recognized that I can only read the mails when I am
> > > > connected to the net. I see the folder contents, but the
> > > > message bodies are not displayed. Is there a way to get a local
> > > > copy of those mails, so that I can read them weh I'm offline,
> > > > too (and archive them on a backup CD)?
> > >
> > > offlineimap?
> > >
> > > (don't know if KMail supports Maildir, though)
> >
> > It does.  What about courier-imap ?
> I didn't get it how you'ld solve the problem with courier-imap:
> Courier is a imap server. Are you suggesting to run it locally?
> And how would you fetch/synchronize from the remote server? Via IMAP
> aswell?

Seems as I would have to do so. From the offlineimap man-page:

At  this time, I believe that OfflineIMAP with Maildirs is not compati-
ble with KMail.  KMail cannot work in any mode other than to  move  all
messages  out of all folders immediately, which (besides being annoying
and fundamentally broken) is incompatible with OfflineIMAP.

However, I have made KMail version 3  work  well  with  OfflineIMAP  by
installing  an IMAP server on my local machine, having OfflineIMAP sync
to that, and pointing KMail at the same server.

Maybe this gets me switched to mutt, finally. But I don't like mutt's 
way of message composition (I hate vi, and running emacs21 from within 
mutt only made trouble for me when I last tried it...).

Thanks anyway for the suggestions.

Gib GATES keine Chance!

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