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Unbootable FastTrak TX2 100

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I admit it.  I'm spoiled.  I have come to expect Linux setups to just
"work", so when they don't I'm quite tenacious in trying to fix things.
Currently, I'm trying to get an APPRO 1124i system
(http://www.appro.com) to work using the Linux 2.4.18 native ataraid
support.  This PC Class server is using the Tyan Thunder K7 motherboard,
dual AMD MP2400+ processors, 1GB DDRAM, and the Promise FastTrak TX2 100
PCI card.  I have the 4 disk Array Configured in "Security" mode or

I'm booting with LordSutch's Debian Woody 2.4.18-bf2.4 kernel, which has
ataraid support compiled in (yes, I know this is a Red Hat list).  The
machine boots successfully off of CD and recognizes the ataraid device
correctly.  I've been able to partition and format the ataraid device
with a working Debian install.  What I cannot seem to accomplish is to
boot the system off this raid device: /dev/ataraid/d0. 

Grub simply won't ackowledge the ataraid device as useable and instead
just lists the four physical drives as being available.  lilo 22.2-3
installs into the MBR, but fails with "L 01 01 01 01...".  lilo 22.5.4
installs, but instead fails at boot time with "L 99 99 99 99 99".
Apparently something was fixed between 22.2 and 22.5 to allow lilo to
see the device correctly, but now it doesn't seem to want to accept the
detected geometry as correct.

I've compared the geometry as reported by the Promise card at boot time
with the geometry from the lilo diagnostic disk (compiled from 22.5.4
source), and they match perfectly.

I have not touched the /dev/hd[e-h] devices as directed by the FAQ's,

I honestly don't know what else to do.  I don't know if this problem is
isolated to lilo or if it's influenced by what the initial kernel is
reporting to lilo.  Should I be upgrading the installation kernel to
2.4.20?  2.4.21-preX?  Does the ataraid driver support the mirror/stripe
configuration I'm using, or am I being naieve?  Advice? Flames? Etc.

Chad C. Walstrom <walst005@umn.edu>                     247 Gortner Hall
Asst. Coordinator of IT                                 Help: 612-625-9284
CBS Computing Services, UMN                             Phone: 612-624-2918

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